Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Net neutrality.. and now Google too?

Mick Liubinskas posted a link to a video about net neutrality which I find a very important issue. Then, Elias found another one, "more concise and to the point". I'm not gonna say more about that - it's all in Mick's and Elias' posts, and the videos are pretty good too. Check it out.

Here's another thing: "Google = Evil", says Nicco:
About two months ago I noticed that Google was marking my website, nicco.org, with a notice that said "This site may harm your computer" as part of natural search results [...]

[...] I immediately contacted Google and was directed to StopBadware.org [...]

"We have received and processed your request for review of your website, nicco.org/. Google’s most recent test of your website found no badware behaviors on the site. As such, the Google warning page for your site has either already been removed or should be removed shortly." [...]

- replied The StopBadware Team a couple weeks later.
[...] "Should be removed shortly" my ass. It’s almost a month later – March 10 – and my site is still marked as badware. [...]

[...] What is going on? I am really, really angry. Google thinks they can simply decide I am evil, and no one should visit my site, without any justification and with no recourse?

Now, these issues might not seem connected with the net neutrality but it certainly feels like every time a startup enters the BigCos they want control, more control, ... and even more control! The feeling of power, right. Well, that's wrong. I can't stand it, I'm gonna have to bring up this quote: "With great power comes great responsibility".

Well, I can understand Google might feel responsible for the services they provide to their users, but not this way!

What do you think?