Monday, March 10, 2008

Twitter SMS support in Italy?

It's been quite a long time (wait, if not since the beginning?) Twitter still(!) doesn't support SMS service in Italy:

Twitter text SMS support in Italy

Now, I've come across Russell Beattie's post: Peep - an Open Twitter Server and thought why not to start-up kinda "twitter service" in Italy? Like, settle up a deal with the major providers (Vodafone, Wind, TIM, and well Three too maybe), run something similar to what Russ did, and setup an SMS-to-jabber box.

Anybody knows if that exists already in Italy? never heard of such a thing though... btw, I was just wondering how many italian twitters are there.

If someone's interested drop me a line (hey, yes, I do speak italian :).


  1. if you do a search using twitter search box on your home page you can get some numbers. so for example location=italy 2303 profiles come up

    But the problem is of course that location can also mean local towns like for example location:palermo comes up with 49.

  2. hey daniela, thanks for stopping by! so, it would probably make it about 2500-3000 total. I think I'm gonna give it a try anyway. almost got all the hardware I need. time to start having fun.

  3. You've said that you do speak italian so i'll write in italian 'cause i'll do it better than english..........(I think ^^)...

    Giusto per curiosità.... a che serve Twitter? Perchè ho dato una letta all' non ho capito molto!!! Ho capito che serve per sapere che sta facendo una a che scopo?

    Scusate l'intromissione ma questo programma mi incuriosisce!

  4. Ciao Lady. Twitter e' una specia di blogger, pero' "micro". C'e' un video (in inglese) che sicuramente lo spiegera' meglio di me:

    A proposito, sembra che Twitter sta tornando in Italia con gli SMS: (grazie Matax).

  5. ^^
    Mi sa che questo programma mi incuriosisce ancora di più dopo il video...
    Credo proprio che mi iscriverò ad occhi bendati, sperando di capire come funziona utilizzandolo! ^^

  6. Hiya Alex,

    Was just wondering if you'd got anything going with Twitter in Italy. I've neither managed to set up my phone to send my "Tweets" nor obviously been able to receive updates.

    I'm on TIM (in Trento) and would love to know if you've managed to get anywhere with a Twitter mash up.

    Seth :-)

  7. isn't the twitter server in based in the states so wouldn't it cost a fortune in roaming charges to update it by sms anyway?

  8. You can use on H3G, Telecom Italia Mobile, WIND Telecomunicazioni
    and Vodafone Omnitel in Italy to receive tweets via SMS!


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