Thursday, March 13, 2008

1938 Media: Access forbidden

1938 Media: Access forbiddenI wanted to watch Chris Saad interview on DataPortability by Loren Feldman but I got this instead: "You don't have permission to access ..."

I was about to "wtf, are you kidding me?! I hope we're not in 1938 and 1938media doesn't think the US represents the "whole world". Just kidding.

Fortunately (for me), Daniela posted a YouTube link (I didn't realize to check on YouTube in the first place) and some comments too.

Although, Loren Feldman always seemed funny to me, besides that Chris found an incredibly nice and simple way to describe what data portability is about to everyone:

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  1. woa...19.20.21 is really cool. In the past I thought several times to a new definition of contry borders as big cities areas of influences... Just thouth to a city as Wien. It's located at the border with Czech Republic. Do you really think that people living abroad Austria are not attracted by this incredible city?
    Maybe the scheme proposed bi 19.20.21, based almost only on popolation is not the best, cause influence can be measured also on economic power, geographical position, historical role an so on... but it's always nice to see new patterns around ;)


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