Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hiring at Cloudware it!

Since June I kinda put on hold for some personal reasons but it is time for this cloud to come out and fly into the sky, and I have a feeling it's gonna fly real high.

I'm happy to announce that we've just started hiring people. We're looking for skilled (or not-so-skilled but eager to learn) developers to work with platforms like Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services and Google Apps leveraging all their power through APIs; document-based DBs; frameworks like GWT and Ruby on Rails.

I hear you saying already, "Hey, where did 'mobile' part go?" - it is there, of course. We're primarily focusing on Android and iPhone platforms but Web interface in HTML5 is as much important.

We don't expect anyone to be a top expert in all the areas. What's more important is a highly motivated personality. We seriously consider every application.

A lot of fun now, isn't!?
Official info is on this page: Jobs @ Cloudware it!

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