Monday, June 1, 2009

Grow your followers from 2325 to 27487... and then WHAT?

This goes to all of those "affiliated" or "follow me on Twitter and I'll get ya 20000 followers more".

I started to get bored of all those noisy followings on Twitter, Friendfeed and other networks by people who don't even care about what I'm saying. Yeah I know it's become a kind of a sport, like "how much followers do you have on X? What? Dude, I've got a few hundreds more!"

So, now what? Got rewarded with an olympic gold medal or hit a jack pot? I bet at least 80% of those 20k followers do the very same thing: follow anybody to get more followers. Doesn't it sound ridiculous? This is not the same as email spam where even 1% could get you finally hit it.

Now, that reminds me of nothing but a simple Pyramid, a "non-sustainable business model". Just a very few people at the very top of that pyramid made a couple bucks but that's it. Wake up people. I thought we were past this.

I don't want to complete any survey for 5$, follow a ridiculous Adwords seminar or do an "extra money" of that kind. The next "affiliated" follower goes straight to a blocked users list.

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