Monday, March 31, 2008

What DataPortability means to me

That's right - it's more about DataPortability than data portability, and it's short: about 3 mins, but anyway.

Oh and, it's late night here and I got about a couple of hours to make the video so don't mind me looking kinda weird:


  1. oh, forgot to say: didn't remember my YouTube account so just created a new one on damn! I want my data portability!

  2. great submission Alex! The best part of these videos is that we are getting to 'see' everyone.

  3. alex can you upload somewhere (youtube or whatelse) an italian subtitle version of the video?please. sorry my english isn't goodXD

  4. @matax yes sure! I'll need a couple days to do that but I'll definitely will.

    @daniela thanks for stopping by! I really needed a comment like yours. seriously.


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